W E L C O M E  T O  M Y  S I T E !
My name is Jodi Kolpakov (if you are having trouble pronouncing the last name, it basically rhymes with any Russian vodka) and I am a designer + illustrator who specializes in branding, layout, and anything print. In addition, I experiment with photography and film-making in my spare time and enjoy them both very much. I currently work as a graphic designer at The Done Dept. Print + Design Shop, where I get to have fun physically creating people's interesting-yet-sometimes-diffcult proposals through design, paper, and ink. With a strong passion for creative thinking, I love to take any challenge and bring it to life in the most unique way possible, no matter what media I choose. A lot of my personal work revolves around illustrating provoking ideas in a lighthearted manner. Outside of work you can find me frequently singing karaoke, antique shopping, or drawing caricatures. I take pride in being an ultimate scrabble player and foodie expertise (catch me at @sloppyjodieats on instagram).

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